Salary Certificate Attestation In UAE

A salary certificate is known as a formal document issued by an organization to declare the employment of a person in the organization with full details of salary, position, duties, and employment period. The salary certificate will be provided by the higher authority of the organization to its employee upon request of the employee. Getting a salary certificate may have been mentioned in the document, and the management approval will also be affixed in the document. But in most situations, it is extremely hard to utilize a salary certificate beyond the limits of providing a nation, so first, applicants must confirm their salary certificate before utilizing it in an international, and the procedure is ordinarily called a salary certificate attestation. As per the current immigration rules, every migrant worker should submit a salary certificate from the previous company to get a foreign company job. Nowadays, salary certificate attestation is compulsory in every international job field. Every foreign company asks for a salary certificate from the previous company as proof of their employment experience and salary. Salary Certificate Attestation will help foreign officials to check the authenticity of the documents online. The applicants can receive their certificate verification from the concerned embassy, which is presented in their country. Attestation is a way to prove the certificate's trustworthiness and confirm that the particular salary certificate was issued and sealed by the mentioned company. But it cannot be easy to obtain a salary certificate attestation from the concerned embassy, and some legal processes have been required.

Some of the mandatory processes for a salary certificate attestation are listed below.

Notary attestation.

MEA attestation(Ministry of External Affairs)

UAE Embassy attestation

MOFA attestation(Ministry of Foreign Affairs)

Stepwise procedure for Salary Certificate attestation in UAE

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