Equivalency Certificate Attestation

Equivalency certificate is a document that shows that you can study in a foreign country and then transfer your credits to another country. In order to obtain an equivalency certificate, you will need to complete certain requirements for the purpose of getting government job in your desired country. Equivalency certificate is a document that proves that the foreign education has been equivalent to a domestic education.

What is equivalency certificate?

Equivalency certificate helps the students to get equalized who did their education in foreign countries. The equivalency certificate is a document that proves that a person has completed the required minimum professional education, or that a person has satisfied the requirements of another country in order to have the right to practice their profession in that country.

Equivalency certificates are issued by various countries and are recognized by many other countries as well. Most countries require that an equivalency certificate attestation that be obtained from your home country before you use them in the desired country. The process of getting equivalency certificate is considered as quite tedious thing. Don’t worry! We at Genius Attestation will make it easy for you. We do provide all the process not only attestation but we help in post attestation process as well. You can get your equivalency certificate from us at the comfort of your home!

Why equivalency certificate attestation is needed?

Equivalency certificate attestation is issued on request by an applicant who has completed a course abroad and wishes to have it certified as equivalent to one taught at universities or colleges in home country. It can also be required for other purposes such as immigration purposes or for any other purpose where there are some differences between two courses, institutions in abroad. We at Genius attestation do all the process apart from the attestation process such as verification and so on. Are you still worried how to get started? Get in touch with our attestation experts today!

Documents required for equivalency certificate attestation

  • Original certificates of the candidate
  • Passport copy of the applicant

Process of equivalency certificate attestation

Equivalency certificate attestation is a process of verifying the equivalence of education obtained by foreign nationals in their native country. The equivalence certificate attestation helps the students to get equalized who did their education in foreign countries and those who did their study in native country. Equivalency certificate attestation is mandatory for all types of educational certificates issued by the government. Get your Equivalency certificate attestation from the experts. We provide all types of services for your documents not only the attestation process but also we help in the process after the attestation.

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