UK Non-Educational documents mainly attested for Family Visa, school admission, Job purpose.

Non-Educational documents like Birth certificate, Marriage certificate, Death certificate, Divorce certificate , Experience certificate, Bonafide certificate , Medical certificate, Salary certificate, Transfer certificate, and Migration certificate.

Birth certificate mainly attested for proof of age in schools and migration purposes.

Marriage certificate mainly attested for to bring the spouse, to admit spouse for delivery in the hospital, to apply for the passport for children.

Divorce certificate mainly attested for removal of ex-spouse name, to bring parents on a residence visa.

Experience certificate mainly employers request for attestation of previous experience certificate.

The UK issued Non- Educational documents process will be:


  • Solicitor verification – United Kingdom
  • Foreign Commonwealth officer – the United Kingdom
  • UAE Embassy – United Kingdom
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs- UAE


First three stampings from the United Kingdom and final stamping will be done in the United Arab Emirates.

So, First document will be verified from solicitor verification in the United Kingdom, after solicitor verification next process of stamping is foreign commonwealth officer, Once Foreign commonwealth officer verifies documents then documents will be sent to UAE Embassy as this document will be used mainly to use in UAE so embassy need to verify documents and once after completion of three process documents will be sent to Ministry of Foreign Affairs attestation will be done in United Arab Emirates.

So for processing, Customers need to submit documents like:

  • Original certificates
  • Passport copies

Verification is the process of ensuring that original documents are genuine. Verifying authority and confirm the validity of UK documents.

Legalization is the official confirmation that a signature, seal or stamp on a public document is genuine. Before sending your document to the Legalization Department of the FCO you will need to have the original verified first.