As per the rules of the United Arab Emirates Government, documents issued from a foreign country should undergo UAE Embassy attestation from the applicant’s home country followed by attestation from Ministry of Foreign Affairs in UAE. This is done in order to make the documents legal for use in the Emirates.

You will be asked to submit attested documents while applying for an employment visa, spousal visa, family visa etc. Attestation of documents might sound confusing to you since it involves getting your document attested from various government authorities.

Having an attested seal from UAE embassy on your documents conveys that your document has been successfully verified and stamped from the Embassy of UAE in your country. UAE embassy attestation is a must-have requirement for getting attestation from Ministry of foreign affairs in UAE.

Following are some sample documents that need UAE Embassy attestation:

The procedures for attesting documents from UAE Embassy depends on your home country.

For example, procedures for UAE Embassy attestation from the UK is the following:

  1. Certification from a UK solicitor.
  2. Legalisation from UK FCO (Foreign and Commonwealth Office).
  3. Attestation from UAE Embassy in London.

For attesting documents from UAE Embassy in India, the following procedures are followed:

  1. Verification from Notary.
  2. Attestation from Home department (Maharashtra).
  3. Attestation from MEA.
  4. Attestation UAE embassy in New Delhi.

For legalizing your documents in UAE, your documents must be attested from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in UAE after UAE Embassy attestation from your home country.

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