Qatar attestation

The Attestation services are offered in the embassies of Qatar for all types of educational and marital documents. These are passed to the respective national registration agencies via embassies that give them passage to avail the owner with rights and legal prerogatives enjoyed by local residents.

Certificate Attestation is a process of authenticating or legalizing educational or non-educational certificates by the respective Embassy or Consulate.If anybody wants to get attestation for QATAR the document has to be submitted to QATAR embassy or consulate in Delhi.

Before submitting the document to the Embassy it has to be attested by Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) and respective state Home Departments.This procedure varies according to the type of document. In some cases, certificates have to be attested by Notary before submitting to the Home Department. Also in some cases, certificates have to be verified by the respective Universities.One has to keep all their original documents while attestation for Qatar.

In India, various government bodies such as SDM, GAD, Notary, State Home Ministry, Ministry of External Affairs (MEA), Human Resource Development, Embassy & consulate deal with all kind of certificate attestation formalities for Qatar.