He is with Genius Group since 2012 ,  started his carrier as  SALES EXECUTIVE in The Head Quarters, Sharjah.His skills , ability and  tactics to handle both the business and the customers was well noted by the higher authorities during his early stages.Due to his high grasping ability  he had learnt deeply about the attestation within short period itself and as a result there were  lots of corporate tie ups across Dubai , Sharjah and Abu Dhabi.He is also a good team worker , team motivator and mentor too.Hence, he was promoted as a BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT EXECUTIVE.

In 2014 , as part of business expansion he was shifted to Genius Group  – Qatar with lot more responsibilities on his shoulder.In Qatar , at first he studied about the Qatar market   , then through the data base he did the target audience and as a result there was a slight increase in the revenue which gave him more confidence.His style of work is very simple , stress free, silent but the end result is always really amazing.Now the Qatar revenue has almost increased 100% more than it was in 2014.

He is currently the BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT MANAGER in Qatar for his hard work , smart work and for all of his efforts.He has built a good team in Qatar for the increase in the revenue in market through direct marketing , social media and through other public media.There is almost a total of 109 corporate tie ups in Qatar and Genius Group is well known in Qatar for their prompt service and delivery on commitment has made him more trustworthy to his corporate.Currently the team is expanding and so as the business too , his enthusiasm and focus on the business is increased each day to have more and more revenue.

He always thanks Genius Group for providing him such an opportunity ,such a great platform to explore at this young age and the enormous work space created by Genius Group , is considered as a really big turning point of his life by him.

You can contact him at : +974-70-441-555 / mail : omar@attestation.in