Marriage Certificate Attestation

Marriage Certificate Attestation is required to prove the originality of the statement written on the certificate. The certificate needs to be attested by government bodies like Concerned State, Foreign affairs, Embassy, local bodies etc. A marriage certificate is an official proof for that the marriage has taken place. Marriage certificate attestation is mandatory for a couple to get a family visa for UAE and for many other purposes.

You need to make sure that the authorities recognize your marriage certificate. Upon getting the documents attested you will be considered as a legally married couple. The process of Attestation includes the check for the originality of a particular written statement or a source of the material on which particular information is written.

Marriage Certificate attestation duration varies depending upon each embassy and depending upon the issuing country of a particular document. Attestation of the Marriage certificate is required by the government authorities to avoid fraudulent activities.

Marriage certificate attestation is mandatory for the following purposes:-

  • Passport application – Name endorsements.
  • Visa application – to migrate to other countries – for dependent visa application – sponsor visa.
  •  To admit wife for delivery in the hospital.
  • To apply for a passport for children.
  • To cohabit with a member of the opposite sex.

The procedure for attesting the marriage certificate differs depending upon each document and of course where you wish to use the certificate after attestation.We can help you in getting your Marriage Certificates attested from all across the globe.

Procedure for getting marriage certificate attestation:-

  • Attestation from the country where the marriage was solemnized.
  •  Attestation from the country where the family visa is being applied.(Ministry of Foreign Affairs)

Documents required for Marriage Certificate Attestation would be Original marriage certificate and Passport Copies of the Bride and the Groom.

Getting the Marriage Certificate attested is very important for a married couple or family especially when moving to a foreign country.

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