With effect from February 4, 2018 both Abu Dhabi and Dubai Police Departments will issue ​ ‘Certificates of Good Conduct’ (also called Police Clearance Certificates), which certifies that an applicant has a clear record and fall under the category of a ‘good resident’ in the UAE.

It has become mandatory to receive a “Good Conduct Certificate” which is also known as a Police Clearance Certificate (PCC) in order to obtain a work visa in the UAE, the daily news reported this on January 10.

The Police Clearance Certificate is becoming an important document as an increasing number of employers in the country are asking resident candidates to furnish one to ensure that the individual has had no trouble with the law.

This certificate is also required if you are looking to immigrate. For example, a UAE certificate of good conduct/police clearance is required for Canadian immigration purposes.

The authorities have put in place a simple process to get this certificate. Both UAE nationals and residents can apply for this.

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