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Global leaders in certificate attestation

The suit does not represent the businessman anymore. Nor does the loud shirt represent the rock star. The same man can now wear both. With his hard work and innovative ideas and the vision.


Dr. Sahid Cholayil founder and the CEO who led Genius Group of Institutions into a 350 Employee Organization, with over 25 Companies in diversified business verticals, with over 75 offices spread across 9 countries, and Genius Attestation is the pillar of the genius group of institutions which was started 20 years ago and created its own brand and spread their valuable knowledge to serve people with their innovative ideas.

About Genius Attestation

Genius attestation is one of the leading attestation company in the middle east and all over the globe .we as a company helps expats to build up a career after obtaining their qualifications and start to achieve their goals. In a country at least 50% become an expat. In each part of the world, mostly a good majority is seeing the dream of working in the GCC countries in a good profession and in that most of them reach their destinations according to their goals.

For this, the step to get a job or a visa in most of the GCC countries in a good profession they want the qualification and personal documents attested. When such requirements are implemented we Genius Attestation stand with you to help in getting your documents legalized by the concerned embassy and make your dream come true with providing the trust worthy service which gives you peace of mind and 100% satisfaction make you realize that you have given the documents to the right place to the secure hands .
No matter if you are in GCC, INDIA or any part of world as we have diversified business verticals with over 75 offices spread across 9 countries (i.e. U.A.E, Oman, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait, India, Malaysia, United States and the United Kingdom)so which makes your attestation work simple and easy .
The reason behind the company success is customer satisfaction where we don’t compromise in terms of our service and the brand we hold in the market. Our company gives you the updating through latest technologies like online tracking system,sms updates, emails, where customer never have to waste their precious time on calls and follow up on a regular basis. and the benefit of Genius attestation is as you be in any part of the world we arrange to pick up for your documents and guide you to visit the nearby branches of genius attestation to make you feel comfortable.
Time is money -We value time than the money because money can be earned tomorrow not the time which is passed away so we believe in right commitments what we give and work accordingly .

The only reason y we are called the –
Genius Attestation would be happy to assist you with authentication and legalization, or apostille, of your UK / USA / Can / Aus / SA / France / Germany / Spain / Ind, issued documents. Contact us to find out the specific requirements of document authentication and legalization.

Call us at +971 50 200 3338 / UAE Toll-free 800 888 0 888 email us at info@attestation.in


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