Dubai is one of the most sought job destinations in the world. Thousands of professionals come to Dubai every month seeking a job. The demand for skilled labor is never-ending in Dubai. The luxurious life and tax-free salary attract professionals from countries across the globe. Dubai faced a dull job market this year, but the recruiters and consultancies say that the job market will look up by the end of this year. So if you are planning to visit Dubai in search for a job, this must be the right time.
Here is what you should know before you make the big decision.

1. Know your Visa

Visit visas are entry permits that allow a person to enter the country for a limited time. You can choose between a short-term visit visa with a validity of 30 days or a long-term visit visa with a validity of 60 days. In order to apply for a visa, you must be sponsored by a UAE resident or any business licensed to operate in UAE. You must leave the country before your visit visa expires or you will have to pay the penalty for violating the law. You will have to wait for 30 days after you leave the country in order to apply for a new visa.

2. Suitable months

Make sure you are visiting Dubai at the right time of the year. Avoid your job search in the month of Ramadan since the working hours is shorter than the usual timing. Avoid coming during summer since you may find it difficult to travel during daytime.

3. Finding jobs while on a visit visa

Start applying for jobs from your home country itself. Get some interviews scheduled. Begin your job hunt by researching on the job market. Use all possible resources to find vacancies. If you have personal contacts, check if they can set you up for an interview. Personal reference works very well. Check out the advertisements in newspapers listing job interviews.

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4. Have a professional CV and Cover letter

Your CV should be prepared in a professional manner and should not contain any errors. Your CV is competing with thousands in the same situation as you and you should always keep this in mind. Get professional help for creating a killer CV and cover letter if you cannot do it yourself.

5. Attending Interviews

Schedule and attend as many interviews as you can. Find all walk-in interviews happening in and around the city and attend them. Make use of online job portals too.

6. Documents you will require

1. Identity card from your country.
2. Copies of your parent’s ID card.
3. 24 Passport size photo.
4. Driving license ( Not mandatory ).
5. Copies of passport ( Color ).

You should take the following educational certificates for finding jobs

1.  Original school certificate.
2. Original University certificate.

Degree or Diploma certificates and school certificates should be attested from the relevant governing bodies in your country. Once you are selected for the job, your employer will need attested certificates for processing your job visa. Make sure you have all your certificates attested before you enter Dubai.

7. Take followups

Followups are very important. Once you are done with the interview, ask your interviewer when you can expect to know their decision. Let them know the date till which you will be available in Dubai.

8. Don’t become a prey to the recruitment scams

Follow these tips to avoid being cheated by fake recruitment agencies:
1. Apply directly to the company.
2. If you are consulting a job agency, check the legitimacy of that agency.
3. If you were asked to pay a fee for processing some documents, it is a red flag. Don’t fall for it.
4. Don’t send your CV to un-authentic emails.
5. Check with people about a company or agency before you proceed further.

Good Luck!