All Corporate firms in the UAE require any Educational Certificates to be attested as to avoid fraudulent activities.

Every Country has their own Governing Body to attest their Academic/Education documents. Attesting your engineering certificate makes it legal to be used for any purpose in the Home Country or the Country where he /she wish to use.

The engineering certificates should be attested from the Embassy of the intended Country in India. For example: – For legalizing your engineering degree in UAE, it should be attested by the UAE Embassy in New Delhi and then from the Ministry of External Affairs in India.

You need to submit the following documents to attest your engineering certificate :

  • Original engineering certificate.

  • Copy of passport of the Candidate/Student.

Some situations that you will need attested certificates :

  • Employment Visa.

  • Labour Card Processing.

  • Visa Designation Change.

  • Indian Embassy or Consulate Purposes.

  • MOE (Ministry of Education)

  • Equivalency and Higher Education.

  • University or College admission.

Attesting your engineering certificate for UAE can be a tiresome process if you try to do it yourselves. Genius Attestation can help you in attesting your engineering certificate without your presence. We also pride ourselves in getting all your Educational Certificates attested from all across the globe.

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> Engineering Certificate Attestation for Kuwait.

> Engineering Certificate Attestation for Oman.

Engineering Certificate Attestation for Australia

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