Document Attestation from UAE

Document attestation is done to prove the genuineness of the certificates from its concerned departments for the Salary Certificate purpose of employment visa in UAE or any other country. The procedures for document attestation from Dubai UAE may vary depending on the document, embassy and the country you intend to use the certificate after attestation.

What is MOFA Attestation?

As per UAE law, a person coming to UAE for work should get all his/her documents duly attested by the Embassy of UAE in their country. When you apply for a visa to UAE, the documents you submit to the governing bodies should be attested from Ministry of foreign affairs (MOFA) in order to get those documents accepted.If the documents you submit are legitimate, your documents will be processed quickly. Your certificates also need to be verified from your own country first. Document attestation will be required when you apply for a work visa, family/spouse visa etc.

When you have the ministry of foreign affairs stamp on your document, it conveys the message that your documents are UAE approved and you can use the same documents for use of any purposes in UAE.

We provide the following document attestation services :-

Degree Certificate Attestation.

Diploma Certificate Attestation.

• School Certificate Attestation.

• Transcript Attestation.

• UG Certificate Attestation.

• PG Certificate Attestation.

Birth Certificate Attestation.

Marriage Certificate Attestation.

Death Certificate Attestation.

• Bonafide Certificate Attestation.

Migration Certificate Attestation.

Divorce Certificate Attestation.

• Finger Print Attestation.

• Medical Certificate Attestation.

• Salary Certificate Attestation.

• Registration Certificate Attestation.

• Power Of Attorney Attestation.

• Certificates of Incorporation Attestation.

• Article of Association Attestation.

• Memorandum of Association Attestation.

Document attestation is mandatory to convince the officials the documents you submit are genuine and legally verified.

Certificate attestation is highly popular way of measuring the reliability of a certificate. Certificate Attestation is an international documentation procedure required for proving the trustworthiness of the certificate in front of the particular destination fields. Immigrants can obtain their certificate attestation from destination country’s embassy. Attestation is defined as an initial process of every international travelling. But attestation of personal certificates is not needed for persons who are going abroad with visiting visa. A certificate is a legal record issued to prove a valid information or fact. Document attestation is compulsory for entering your concerned destination country without other legal complications. Our UAE attestation services offer a wide assortment of attestation services.  On the basis of certificate style, form and terms certificate attestation is categorized into three different categories and these categories are the basic factor of classification. Our attestation services UAE is very popular for its very impressive services. Our certificate attestation Dubai service will help applicants in successfully gaining their certification from UAE. Our UAE attestation service is fully controlled with highly efficient working team.

Some of the main reasons of obtaining an attestation are listed below.

  • Students obtain attested educational documents and non-educational documents for job purposes also.
  • Attestation is mandatory while migrating into abroad.
  • Attestation is also required for obtaining an abroad country’s visa.
  • Attestation is also required for starting new business in abroad.
  • Power attorney attestation is required to sell a property.
  • Attested birth certificate is required for obtaining school admission from an abroad country.
  • Attestation of marriage certificate is necessary for family visa purposes.
  • International students should submit an attested transfer certificate for obtaining higher education in abroad.
  • Experience certificate attestation is required for job purposes.

Nowadays, certificate attestation is essential in almost all international field such as education, medical, employment, business, etc. Certificate attestation will make you suitable to travel everywhere and which will also fix wings for your dreams and you can fly like a butterfly anywhere in the world. Certificate attestation is a garden of opportunity, because attestation brings new opportunities to every talented and skilled immigrant. We are one of the eminent and prominent attestation services agencies in the UAE and Our UAE attestation wing is very dynamic and brilliant as compared to other UAE agencies. Our UAE attestation services offer a wide variety of attestation services. Our attestation Dubai is a global leader in all the certificate attestation services. We have so many certificate attestation branches whole over in UAE (Dubai), they will assist you in attaining your document attestation for UAE fast without other legal complications. If you worried about to select a fast and genuine attestation of certificates for UAE, confidently select our Genius attestation services to experience the best attestation services. By using our certificate attestation services, you can obtain the required verification within a short period of time which you demanded. Best Online Tracking facility is the key feature of our UAE attestation services. We always give the best online tracking facility for the customers to give new updates regarding the undergoing processes of their document attestation. Our attestation services in UAE will help applicants to relieve their stress and tension about their certificate attestation. SMS updates, email updates, and live chat updates are the main methods used in the online tracking facility. We have a 24-hour customer care service, so you can learn the information you need easily. Customer satisfaction is the main aim of our certificate attestation services. Clients are the backbone of our attestation services and we always concentrate on customer satisfaction. Our company have connections with embassies whole over the world, it makes our more proud.  Our companies attestation cost is very reasonable and affordable for all our clients. By certifying the required certificate, it can be used everywhere in the destination country. Today, there are lots of certificate attestation agencies in India, but most of them are fake agencies, so before selecting an agency make sure that is it a credible and trustful attestation agency, otherwise, your certificate attestation become fake. So if you are interested in our certificate services, select it for experience the best service. Attest your document and complete your dream.           Genius Attestation can help you in completing all your document or certificate related queries without your presence.

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