Degree Certificate Attestation makes the certificate legal to be used for any purpose in the home country or the country where he /she wish to use.All the firms in UAE require educational certificates to be attested as to avoid fraudulent activities. Every country has their own governing body to attest their academic/education documents. 

The procedure for attestation varies depends upon each document. Majority of the countries follow the below process-

Notary Verification / Authentication from the Foreign Affairs department / Embassy Attestation from the home country and finally Ministry of Foreign Affairs from the intended to use country.

Degree Certificate attestation is required for the following purposes: –

  • Employment Visa.
  • Labour Card Processing.
  • Visa Designation Change.
  • Medical purposes.
  • Indian Embassy or Consulate purpose.
  • MOH Examination/ DOH Examination.
  • MOE (Ministry of Education)
  • Equivalency and Higher Education.
  • University or College admission.

To apply for Degree certificate attestation in UAE, the candidate has to submit the following documents:-

  • Original and copies of all educational certificates
  • Passport copy of the candidate.

Most of our clients require degree certificate attestation  for the purpose of obtaining an employment visa or labor card. Duration for degree certificate attestation varies depending upon each embassy and depending upon the issuing country of a particular document.

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