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The United Arab Emirates is an Arabian Peninsula nation settled mainly along the Persian (Arabian) Gulf. The country is a federation of 7 emirates. Expats prefer to live and work in UAE for many reasons. Some of the reasons are Job opportunities, Safe environment, high quality of different services, education and much more makes it special. certificate attestation for UAE is required In order to obtain employment VISA, Family VISA, School admission, labor card processing, higher education, medical purposes and visa designation.

UAE is a non-member of the Hague Convention. All the document intended to use in the United Arab Emirates required legalization not apostille which generally known as attestation or authentication. All certificates such as Educational / Personal and Commercial Documents can be attested without your presence.

Attestation process is not the same for all documents.UAE Attestation needs to be done from the Home country (document issuing country) upon which we need to get Ministry of Foreign Affairs in UAE.Abudhabi, Ras al-Khaimah, and Ajman Emirate are very much keen in looking into Arabic legal translation. End to end Attestation process can be done without your presence.

Procedure for attestation of certificates for UAE

  1. Notary Verification from home country.
  2. Foreign Affairs Verification from Home Country.
  3. UAE Embassy from Home Country.
  4. Ministry Of Foreign Affairs from UAE.

Documents required for Certificate attestation for UAE:

  1. Original Document (depends upon the issuing country).
  2. Passport Copy of the candidate.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs UAE attestation

According to the Federal Labour law in UAE, people applying for a residence visa in UAE have to submit attested certificates from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in UAE. When you move from your home country to UAE, your certificates must be attested by the Foreign affairs ministry of the concerned department ( according to your country’s rules ) and from the UAE embassy in your country. Ministry of Foreign affairs attestation is required for all documents such as birth certificate, educational certificates, marriage certificate etc.

Procedure for attestation from MoFA UAE

The steps for getting certificate attestation for UAE vary depending upon your home country. But in most cases, the following are the steps to follow:

1. Attestation from the concerned state department in your country.

2. Attestation from the External affairs ministry of your home country.

3. Attestation from the UAE embassy in your country.

4. Attestation from MoFA UAE.

Ministry of Foreign affairs attestation is the final procedure in attesting your documents for use in UAE. After you get your documents attested from your country’s concerned departments, you will need to get attestation from MoFA office in Dubai or Abudhabi according to your preference. Note that you are required to keep the original attested certificates and the passport for this step.

If you are moving out of UAE, you will need to get your important documents attested from MoFA. Foreign affairs department attests certificates like birth and marriage certificate, business documents, contracts etc. The procedure for this involves getting approval from the Dubai Courts Notary Public, then from the Ministry of Justice and from Ministry of foreign affairs.

Certificate attestation for UAE employment visa

To obtain an Employment visa for UAE, you must get your educational and personal certificates attested by the concerned authorities in your country, followed by the attestation from UAE embassy in your country and finally from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in UAE. The employer will need your attested certificates in order to process Labor card for their employees. The labor card is a mandatory requirement for all employees in UAE according to the Labor law.

Birth certificate attestation for UAE

Attested birth certificates are a mandatory document one must have while applying for a residence visa, employment visa and for many other purposes. Say if you are living in UAE and your kid is living in your home country. If you want to apply for a sponsor visa for your child, an attested birth certificate is essential. Attested birth certificates will be required while taking admission for your child in school as a proof of age.

Marriage certificate attestation for UAE

Attested marriage certificates stand as the proof that a couple was legally married from their home country or any other countries. As per the UAE rules, attested marriage certificates are required for a couple to live together in UAE. Marriage certificate attestation is an unavoidable procedure if you are planning to apply for a family visa in UAE. Getting attestation of marriage certificates is a long process since it involves getting attestation from various departments in the home country and UAE.

Procedure for attesting marriage certificate :

Marriage certificate has to be attested from the country where the couple got married and from the country the couple is applying for a family visa. Procedures for attesting marriage certificate are the following:

1. Attestation or marriage certificate from the Home affairs department in your country.

2. UAE embassy in your country.

3. Attestation from the concerned authorities in UAE ( Dubai Courts Notary Public, Ministry of justice, Ministry of foreign affairs ).

Education certificate attestation for UAE:

All educational certificates must be attested by the concerned authorities in your home country and from UAE in order to make them legally verified. Attested educational documents are required processing an employment visa. The government of UAE requires all educational documents to be attested in order to avoid fraudulent activities.

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