Certificate attestation for Oman


The certificate attestation is the process of verifying the originality of a document & affirming its authenticity by attaching it with the signature of the verifying personnel. The attestation of certificates is mainly done to so as to enable the documents get furnished as legal papers whenever required & nobody can point a finger at their originality.The certificate attestation process is really assumes significance while going to countries like OMAN . Certificate attestation Oman is provided in close cooperation with the national embassies. The visitor’s papers are filed through certificate attestation and certificate Apostile procedures before it is delivered to the visitor.Attestation services are offered in the embassies of Oman for all types of educational and marital documents. These are passed to the respective national registration agencies via embassies that give them passage to avail the owner with rights and legal prerogatives enjoyed by local residents.

Certificate attestation of Indian Certificates like Educational certificate , PCC , Private Diploma, Marklist , Marriage certificate , Transfer Certificate, Birth certificate , Experience certificate, Death Certificate , Divorce certificate , Legal Higher Ship certificate , Power of Attorney certificate, Medical certificate , Transcript , Intership Fiinger Print , Bona – Fide ,Company Invoice & Memorandum Articles , Document of Export and Import etc…. can be done from OMAN.The time frame that needs for the processing of all the above certificates may range from 15 to 20 days.

Certificate Attestation to get a job in Oman is a new rule. Attestation from HRD, MEA and Oman Embassy is required for Oman. Attestation …also called Authentication of certificates has to be started from the State or University level itself.