Birth-1Birth certificate is the first document of every person which documents the circumstances of a birth. The document records important facts regarding with the newborn baby such as the name, place, date of birth, and also the parentage. By registering in government birth certificate the child recognizes as a member of the community and this will also provide an identity to them. A  birth certificate is the basic and the foremost document of every individual. A birth certificate has a significant value in every person’s personal life, most often it is needed mostly for minor persons. In most commonly, a valuable birth certificate is provided after the verification of a qualified doctor. But using your birth certificate beyond the boundaries of your home country is not an easy procedure. Firstly, you have to attest your birth certificate from the concerned country’s embassy where you intended to use your document. Attestation is an international procedure used for finding the authenticity of the immigrants certificates. Nowadays, it is compulsory in almost all countries in the world and through which the officials can understand the actuality of the immigrants certificates. Some documents are compulsory requirement for getting an embassy attestation.

Documents needed for applying birth certificate attestation

  •    Original birth certificate
  •    Visa copy
  •    Passport copyv
  •    If the child didn’t have a passport, parent’s passport copy has to be submitted.

Attestation of birth certificate is necessary in many international fields like education, medical, and finance, etc. In almost all cases, this verification is required for persons under the age of 18, because it is one and only identification document of the every minor individual. So birth certificate should be attested, before they are going to shift abroad. Birth certificate attestation is mandatory for acquiring some international needs.

The Birth certificate attestation required many purposes like

  • Birth certificate attestation is mandatory for getting a family visa.
  • Child’s attested birth certificate is asked in the abroad schools before providing school admissions.
  • It is also required for achieving a higher education.
  • Attestation of child’s birth certificate is compulsory for migration purposes also.

Attestation is a mandatory procedure for getting all these above mentioned needs and this will make your international travel fast without other legal consequences. Birth certificate attestation will help the immigration officials to understand the age of the applicant. The certification procedure improves the value of your birth certificate. Destination embassy is the concerned authority of providing this certification. They authenticate the birth certificate by imprinting their official seal on the document. Which makes the certificate valuable and genuine. But attestation processes and requirements will depend on the issuing country. Birth certificate attestation is a noneducational certification, but is used most widely in the international educational field. Attestation is a process of verifying an authenticity of the certificate. In the present scenario, every country asks this legal confirmation from minor individuals in finding the trustworthiness of the document. The embassy officials will strictly check the actuality of the certificate before granting this certification.