What is certificate attestation?

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What is certificate attestation? This question is a dimension to understand the meaning and importance ofCertificate attestation. It is an international procedure used to ensure the credibility of the immigrants certificates. Certificate attestation is a paramount of authenticity needed when a person decides to relocate to a foreign nation in pursuit of better career and personal opportunities. Before planning to shift into a foreign country every immigrant should definitely hear this question, What is certificate attestation?. In simple, it is a vital procedure used to establish the validity and authenticity of the certificate. This verification procedure is applicable for every kind of Individual and personal certificates and this will determine the category of certificate attestation.

The three main categories and subcategories of certificate attestation are given below.Educational certificateattestation: It is one of the important and significant category of attestation. This verification is granted to academic documents which make your educational qualification authentic and valuable.

· Degree certificate attestation
· Diploma certificate attestation
· HSC certificate attestation
· SSLC certificate attestation

Non educational certificate attestation: Individual and personal certificates are verified in this process. This will help to testify the given facts in the certificates. Every kind of personal certificates are verified in this process.
· Birth certificate attestation
· Marriage certificate attestation
 Experience certificate attestation
· Death certificate attestation
· Transfer certificate attestation, etc.
Commercial certificate attestation: This verification is required only for financial certificates and which will help to certify certain certain facts like financial assets, liability, ownership, property details, etc. · Power of attorney attestation
· Invoice attestation
· Certificate of Incorporation attestation, etc.Certificate attestation will help you to hasten all your individual and professional needs with precision. Certificate attestation will give you more value to your priceless documents and which will improve the standard of your certificate.

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