Birth certificate Attestation- Birth certificate  is used as an official document for identifying a person’s date and place of birth and hence it is important to get the birth certificate attested for use in a foreign country.  Attesting a birth certificate proves that it is genuine.

What is the purpose of attesting a birth certificate?

Birth certificate attestation is mandatory when one applies for his/her child’s admission in a foreign country. This is required as a proof of age in schools. A birth certificate is also required for availing a permanent residence visa and many other legal purposes. In simple terms in order to migrate from one country to another country Birth certificate attestation is mandatory.

The procedure for getting a birth certificate attested varies depending on the country where the birth certificate was issued from. For use in UAE, the birth certificate should be attested from Home Department / MEA / UAE Embassy and from the Foreign Affair department from UAE.

What are the procedures for attesting a birth certificate?

After you submit your documents to us for attestation, we get them verified from the following government organizations.

  • Verification from Notary Public from the home country.
  • Foreign Affairs attestation from the Home Country.
  • Embassy Attestation from the Home Country.
  • Ministry Of Foreign affairs (Intended to use country).

What are the documents required for birth certificate attestation?

You will have to submit the following documents to us for attesting a birth certificate.

  • Original Birth Certificate or Online Issued Birth Certificate

Passport Copy of the Certificate holder.

Birth Certificate Attestation in Dubai

A Birth certificate is the one and only legal proof of every minor person, so it needs to be attested for understanding the identity of the immigrants. Birth certificate attestation is a branch of noneducational certificate attestation but is used widely in the educational field. But obtaining a UAE attestation is not an easy procedure, so many legal processes required for this certification.

The processes required for getting a certificate attestation Dubai.
• Notary Public
• Home Department Attestation
• MEA (Ministry of External Affairs) Attestation
UAE Embassy attestation
• MOFA (Ministry of Foreign Affairs) Attestation

Dubai governing authority demands this certification to check the trustworthiness of the birth certificate. All directions related to the certification is the duty of the embassy officials. They verify the outside documents by attaching their official seal to the document.

Some common purposes of attaining birth certificate attestation in Dubai.
Birth certificate attestation in  Dubai is mandatory for getting a family visa.
• An attested birth certificate is also required for getting a Dubai school admission.
• Students obtain this documentation for achieving higher education from a Dubai university.
• Attested birth certificate is also needed for migrating to Dubai.

Documentation will help you to achieve your needs easily without other complications. By attestation, your document becomes applicable also in the Dubai legal system.

Genius attestation services provide attestation of birth certificate for babies born in UAE / IND / USA / CAN / AUS and many other countries.

We provide the following Attestation services:-

  • Normal Service
  • Express Service.

Genius Attestation can help you in completing your Birth certificate attestation without your presence. For more details call our customer friendly team today on +971 50 200 3338 or our UAE Toll-Free # 800 888 0 888 to find out more or email us at