A birth certificate is used as an official document for identifying a person’s date and place of birth and hence it is important to get the birth certificate attested for use in a foreign country.  Attesting a birth certificate proves that it is genuine.

What is the purpose of attesting a birth certificate?

Birth certificate attestation is mandatory when one applies for his/her child’s admission in a foreign country. This is required as a proof of age in schools. A birth certificate is also required for availing a permanent residence visa and many other legal purposes. In simple terms in order to migrate from one country to another country Birth certificate attestation is mandatory.

The procedure for getting a birth certificate attested varies depending on the country where the birth certificate was issued from. For use in UAE, the birth certificate should be attested from Home Department / MEA / UAE Embassy and from the Foreign Affair department from UAE.

What are the procedures for attesting a birth certificate?

After you submit your documents to us for attestation, we get them verified from the following government organizations.

  • Verification from Notary Public from the home country.
  • Foreign Affairs attestation from the Home Country.
  • Embassy Attestation from the Home Country.
  • Ministry Of Foreign affairs (Intended to use country).

What are the documents required for birth certificate attestation?

You will have to submit the following documents to us for attesting a birth certificate.

  • Original Birth Certificate or Online Issued Birth Certificate
  • Passport Copy of the Certificate holder.

Genius attestation services provide attestation of birth certificate for babies born in UAE / IND / USA / CAN / AUS and many other countries.

We provide the following Attestation services:-

  • Normal Service
  • Express Service.

Genius Attestation can help you in completing your Birth certificate attestation without your presence. For more details call our customer friendly team today on +971 50 200 3338 or our UAE Toll-Free # 800 888 0 888 to find out more or email us at info@attestation.in