Legally authenticated documents are usually one of the essential requirements while going through important legal procedures in Dubai, UAE.Whether you are expecting to join a reputed institution in Dubai for higher studies or applying for a job, attestation of your educational certificates is necessary to ensure the success of the process.

The process for attesting an educational document can be inconvenient and confusing for people who are not used to the process, or for those who are doing it for the first time. Therefore, is it recommended to be aware of the step by step process for attesting your educational document.

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Why do I have to attest my certificates?

When you relocate to a foreign country, the government officials will need you to prove that your documents are genuine and legally verified. Attestation of a certificate confirms your credentials and thus legally authenticates to be used in a foreign country.

How to attest my degree certificate?

In order to verify your documents in UAE, the documents should go through the authentication procedures such as attestation or legalization.

1. Attesting certificates before coming to Dubai :

If you want to attest your educational certificates before coming to the UAE, follow the below-given procedures:

  • Authenticate your document from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of your Country. Carry all the necessary Original Certificate and copies along with you. These will be stamped by the concerned authorities stating you’re your certificate is genuine and verified.
  • Take the attested certificates and copies to the UAE Embassy in your Country for the Embassy to verify you’re your certificates were verified from the respective Government authority in your Country.
  • After you reach UAE, Submit the attested certificates to the respective Government body in the UAE. Consult with your Employer or University if you need assistance regarding the attestation procedures.

If you were living in another foreign country before going to the UAE, you have the following choices to attest your educational certificate:

Go to the embassy of your home country to authenticate your documents. Then, validate the Embassy attestation from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or relevant foreign affairs department of the Country you currently reside.


Send the certificates to your country for the attestation procedures.

2. Attesting your educational certificates from Dubai :

If you want to get your documents attested from Dubai itself, follow the steps given below.

Step 1: Dubai Courts Notary Public (DCNP):
Meet a notary at the Dubai Courts Notary Public to verify your certificates.

You will need:
1. Minimum two original certificates.
2. Original supporting documents (Passport / ID).

DCNP Branches are open from 7:30 AM – 1:00 PM and from 4:00 PM – 8:00 PM at Al Twar Center in Al Qusais and Al Barsha.

Al Twar Centre
Al Qusais, Tel: 04-2639000

Al Barsha/Bur Dubai Traffic Department
Tel: 04-3111300

Step 2: Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA) UAE

Go the MoFA in Bur Dubai in the Bastakiyah area. Get the document attested after paying the fee. Fees for attesting a document varies depending on the document type.


Getting a true copy of an original document from the Dubai Courts Notary Public

If you lost an original document of yours or need a true copy, you can obtain it from the Dubai Courts Notary Public. The DCNP keeps takes one original certificate for scanning and archive purpose. You can get it by paying a small fee.

Steps for obtaining a true copy of your document

  1. Get an Arabic request typed by a registered typist, after submitting your original certificate or copy which has the DCNP sticker on it.
  2. Take the typed Arabic request and original certificate or copy to the DCNP branch during the morning hours.
  3. Pay the fee after verifying your identity and get a printout which is stamped as a true copy by DCNP.

If you are currently working in UAE, you could utilize an intermediary, or go yourself after work, since the Al Twar and Al Barsha branches are open from 4 pm to 8 pm. The document once authenticated to by Dubai Courts can be given to a representative to get further legalization at the other government authorities.

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